Spring 2019 - “Your products do so much more than they claim!"

Having returned from my travels, I am getting prepared for a busy 2019 show season.

My first job was to stock up with soap. Massagical soap is getting more and more popular, and receiving more great reviews. My favourite review is from a lovely customer who was raving about the benefits of my soap by saying ”your products really do so much more than you claim.”

The healing effects of Massagical soap constantly amaze me; I am always more confident to recommend Massagical cream, or Massagical sensitive skin balm for problem skin issues, yet I am regularly told of the amazing healing successes of Massagical soap. I personally know that Massagical soap is lovely to us. As a soap maker, I should be trying other soap makers’ soaps, and I do sometimes, but I have not found one I enjoy using as much as Massagical soap.

So, apart from lots of soap manufacturing, stocking up with Shea butter, essential oils, jars, labelling and other supplies, I have been very busy planning my show calendar and booking up the season’s shows.

It is always a bit tricky planning and booking shows - some organisers will not let you in, others are really so expensive, they make it difficult to recoup the costs. I also try to return to successful shows, as well as including some new shows in each year’s calendar and visit as many different areas of the UK as possible.

Shows, craft fairs, garden and flower shows, the list goes on. As exhibitors we try to find shows where there are lots of keen and willing customers. I know, much easier said than done! The busy shows tend to get booked up quickly, or the organiser decides Massagical is not a worthy exhibitor and I cannot get in. Other organisers want Massagical to exhibit at possibly unsuitable events. However, I now have a plan and the spring and early summer show calendar is available to view here.

Thank you for reading, Sally x

Sally Tompkins