The Massagical story


Firstly, a huge thank you for visiting my website.

I created Massagical ten years ago after returning home to the UK after many years spent working and travelling around the world. My adventures included: working as a pastry chef, owning a vegetarian café in New Zealand, and studying herbalism and naturopathy in Australia.


Both New Zealand and Australia are very proud of their produce (and I love quality handmade crafts and artisan products) and while I was living overseas regularly bought and used handmade soaps, balms and creams which had been made using locally sourced products and oils. 

On my return home to our family farm, I discovered that our neighbours (on the next hill!) produced an amazingly pure and nutritious cold-pressed rapeseed oil. And although they were promoting their oil for healthy consumption no one was using it for external or topical applications.

This got me thinking…and picking elderflowers…and mixing and trying…

The end result was Massagical Gold, an amazingly effective salt scrub, which softened, moisturised and cleansed the skin. So off I went to my first craft fair. I sold out quickly and decided there and then to start range of Massagical skincare products.

My second product was Massagical Cream (which was made by blending Massagical mixed oils into organic shea butter) and over the following years devised recipes for my soaps and lip balms (all of which are made using the same elderflower-infused base oils and aromas. You can find out more about the key ingredients in the Massagical product range here.

When I’m not working…

In my spare time (not that I have a lot!) I love cooking, baking, travelling and socialising.

I also love my second-hand electric bike; you can often find me cycling to my local post office with the day’s internet orders or winding my way along the local country lanes and hedgerows (which are one of my favourite things in the world).

And I shouldn’t forget to mention one other thing I love: elderflowers (obviously)!


Elderflower recipes

Elderflowers (and berries) are amazingly versatile: in addition to being a wonderful base for my range of Massagical products, they’re also wonderful to use in a range of recipes. Below are a selection of my favourites for you to enjoy!


Love what you see? You can browse the full range of Massagical products in my shop.